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Hainan Wantai Changan Pharmaceutical Project Department temporary Party branch unveiled the establishment meeting and "fight heat, send cool" activities were successfully held

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Where is the project built, where is the Party flag flying, and where is the role of the Party organization fighting fortress played。On the morning of July 1, under the care and support of the two new organization Party committees in Haikou National High-tech Zone, the temporary Party branch of Hainan Wantai Changan Pharmaceutical Project Department was inaugurated and the "Fight the heat, send cool" activity was held at the same time in Changan Pharmaceutical Project Department。Fu Aiping, full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the two new organizations in the high-tech zone, attended and spoke, Yan Li, executive Vice president of Hainan Wantai, Meng Chen, deputy secretary of the Party branch, Wang Lidong, secretary of the Party branch of Changan Pharmaceutical and other relevant personnel jointly participated in the activity。

The meeting opened with the solemn national anthem。Fu Aiping, deputy secretary of the High-tech zone, read the approval of the establishment of the temporary party branch of the project, and the first temporary Party branch secretary was elected according to the procedure on the spot, and the newly elected branch secretary Zhang Lei made a statement。Subsequently, Meng Chen, deputy secretary of Hainan Wantai Party Branch, and Wang Lidong, secretary of Changan Pharmaceutical Party Branch, made speeches and sent good wishes to the project branch!

Deputy Secretary Fu Aiping, on behalf of the two new Party organizations in Gaoxin District, congratulated the establishment of the project branch and put forward specific requirements for the next branch work: first, improve political consciousness and actively participate in the project construction。The second is to regularly carry out learning and education, implement the "three meetings and one lesson", so that party members have a sense of presence, and highlight the exemplary leading role in the work。The third is to focus on the construction of grass-roots party organizations, and give full play to the organizational advantages of the construction line by strengthening the standardization of party branches。Fourth, do a good job of developing party members, do a good job of young cadres, and expand the ranks of Party members。Fifth, carry out characteristic activities around the central work to stimulate the vitality of the Party organization。The sixth is to give full play to the role of grassroots party branches in combination with the characteristics of the project, and seek help from higher-level organizations in a timely manner when encountering difficulties and pain points。

Finally, Deputy Secretary Fu Aiping led everyone to jointly unveil the temporary Party Branch of Chang 'an Pharmaceutical Meian Science and Technology New City Project, opening a new journey of the construction of the project branch, and all the staff at the scene witnessed this unforgettable moment。

After the unveiling ceremony,Combine "send cool,The provincial construction Union is in action,Fu Aiping, deputy secretary, Wang Lidong, secretary of the Party branch of Changan Pharmaceutical, and Yan Li, chairman of Wantai Trade Union, on behalf of the Provincial Construction trade Union and Hainan Wantai Trade Union, sent a share of heat relief products to the project workers,Bring "cool" to the workers who stick to their front-line jobs,Also expressed the concern for the front-line workers。